Corporate Intelligence

In this fast moving and ever changing corporate world, there are a lot of external factors that contribute to the growth or decline of any organization. Activities of the competition, surrounding situations, financial information, manpower etc are the major factors to a smooth business. Today it is very important for any corporate house to keep a track of all the factors that may affect its working in today’s scenario of cut throat competition and have corporate awareness.

Checkmate is the answer to all questions, with our wide network and people we are able to gather dependable data and information which is useful and meaningful to our clients. Our teams maximize and gather knowledge and information analyze and process the data and generate operational details meaningful and useful to the clients and show results.

We also analyze the inputs for counter measures to stall any negative activities that directly affect the clients operations.

Antecedent Verification & Detective Services

Checkmate has a separate wing which takes care of Antecedent verification and Detective Services. Our wide network and specialized professionals carry out specific tasks according to the client’s requirements.

Our team carries out independent verifications and investigations for our clients. Details about the individual’s profile including previous work, experience, appointments held, approximate salary and other industry related activities performed earlier are furnished with utmost secrecy.

Services under our umbrella are:

  • Pre and Post Employment Verification.
  • Pre and Post marital Verification.
  • Antecedent Verification.
  • Theft and missing person’s investigation.