Our success is attributable to our inherent strengths of strong foundations and lofty ideals. Our foundations are based on the percept that our customer is the sole reason for our business and existence; and customer services are delivered by our Security Guards who are vital to our existence.

Our Ideals are that our business shall be based on business ethics, transparency at all levels, strict and timely compliances of legal, statutory and regulatory requirements with mutual loyalty and team building with an emphasis on employee welfare and growing together with the client and to contribute towards the National progress by safeguarding assets and minimizing loss.

  • Our People:We take pride in our people as it is their dedication and sweat that propels the organization forward. Checkmate’s strength is in its people (Security personnel, staff & management) and we follow an employee first policy.
  • Compliance: Being 100% on all legal and labour compliances is a characteristic of Checkmate towards instilling confidence in its employees & clients. By being strict towards all compliances we make sure that every individual gets their due share.
  • Quick Response and Timely Action: A quick and timely response to situations that may not be avoidable or predictable is the key to operational success. Our swift response is what gives us the cutting edge and makes us different from others.
  • Transparency: Having complete transparency in our working helps us to generate confidence in our clients and our personnel. Transparency helps us to have long and fruitful relations with our clients and longer retention of our employees.
  • Value Adds: We provide value adds like security assessment, Surveys & developing SOP’s and Security procedures for our clients as an addition to the promised services.