Checkmate Industrial Guards Pvt. Ltd founded by Lt. Col Santokh Singh (Retd.), in Noida. Checkmate entered the Arena of Security in 1996 to protect lives, property and assets of the industrial houses in and around Delhi. Checkmate today has matured with its presence in the country.

Checkmate has a wide experience of security services and our array of services extends from the Automobile Industry, Retail Sector, Tele communication Industry, Chemical industry, Construction Companies, Educational Institutions and Residences. In addition to security services we also provide an array of services like Electronic Security Systems, Facility management Services, Security Audits and Disaster Management, Event Management Services, Detective Services, Antecedent Verification, Emergency Management and Personnel Protection.

Checkmate achieves a cutting edge over others as there is a separate recruitment division with a strict recruitment criteria and an independent Training school where the training for Security Guards, Firemen & Supervisors is carried out. Checkmate adheres to the PSAR Act.

We at Checkmate always aim at total client satisfaction and management. To achieve this we really take care of the client’s needs as well as setting up security procedures, suggesting better security methods.

Effective command and control over the far flung areas, our teams consist of Area in-charge, field officers and supervisors. Each team is equipped with communication devices for effective communication, to ensure that our staff deployed at various factories, offices, residential areas, towers and other places remain vigilant and alert. We carry out regular and surprise day & night checks from regional offices and from central office.


To be the leading security service provider by winning the confidence of our customers and grow with a large presence in the country.


To protect 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


To strive for complete satisfaction of our customers, by fulfilling their needs on time through a synergy of man and machine with continuous improvement in systems, techniques and procedures.