National Fire Science & Security Academy (NFSSA) Change at all places

Owing to the rich experience in the Security field, the management of Checkmate felt a need for an independent training institute for Security and Fire Safety.

The Checkmate Institute of Security and Fire Safety Management (CISFSM) was founded under the able guidance of a senior Army officer and with the aim of imparting in house training of Security Guards and Supervisors and to be deployed at the client sites of Checkmate.

With the passage of time and experience Checkmate went ahead for recognition for the Institute. In 2009 The Checkmate Institute of Security and Fire Safety management was awarded an accreditation from National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) for a certificate course in Security Services and Fire officers.

CISFSM today is an accredited vocational Institute by the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS). The NIOS is an autonomous organization setup by the ministry of HRD, Govt. of India since 1989. NIOS is an open learning institution as well as examining and certifying authority. It has listed security services as a part of their vocational Education Certificate Courses (Code No.615). Any certificate provided under the authority of NIOS has a universal recognition that provides a guarantee that competent & qualified faculty has imparted training.

Our training facility is independent entity and has all the aides from Electronic Systems, Firefighting equipment handling & usage, to manual aides for effective searching of people. A private security guard imparted training in the CIFSM undergoes through a rigorous course involving physical fitness, alertness and various duties at different posts and reaction to situations with live examples. The training is as per the prescribed PSAR Act 2005 for Private and Ex-servicemen.

Our guards also go through an on the job training to ascertain training needs through audits and refresher trainings by expert training staff.

Training Snap Shot

  • Empower with knowledge to perform main task of providing security.
  • Mentally robust and physically tough.
  • Inculcate discipline and team spirit.
  • Reaction to Emergency situations without panic.
  • Fire response and imparting first aid.
  • Etiquettes at workplace.
  • Effective communication skills.
  • Skilled to use latest electronic security & communication devices.


This is the First and essential step towards providing high quality Security Services to our clients which are satisfactory and providing them with alert, aware and responsive personnel.

We have an independent recruitment department conducting recruitments. We have a strict recruitment criteria adhering to the PSAR Act. Our recruitment teams conduct scheduled recruitment in North and Central India. We are an active participant in the recruitment rallies of different states.

At Checkmate we believe that if the right input is chosen then the final product will be of the class one category. A lot of investment is done while recruiting and selecting a candidate before he is sent for training.