Emergency Management Services

Emergency Management’s primary objective is preparedness for disaster and any untoward incident. Checkmate has a well experienced and aware team of professionals who are trained for action to any emergency situation. The Facility Management Services (FMS) division of checkmate takes care of this service. The team keeps a track of all the major happenings in the area of work and informs clients on the precautionary and remedial steps to be taken to prevent any situation that might affect.

The intention and aim of the Emergency Management Services is to implement tasks to continue and develop an emergency services system by planning, preparing and providing for the prevention and management of emergencies or disasters that present a threat to the lives and property of our clients.

The Facility Management Services (FMS) department of Checkmate is in partnership with DIAL and is offering Emergency Management Services to the employees of DIAL called the Employees Emergency Management Centre (EEMC) against road accidents, medical emergencies, burglary & theft, fire and issuing of awareness circulars about useful information like outbreak of epidemics, law and order problems and unrests. Today Checkmate is equipped and experienced to provide Emergency and related services to all in need.